Happy Birthday LEVELheaded!

Birthday Gold for LEVELheaded

What a year!           

We’ve only just finished celebrating our 21st birthday with bubbly and cake and now we’ve won the coveted                                                                 national award, Investors in People Gold … for the second time.

We were delighted to achieve IiP Gold in 2010 but nothing beats getting it for the second time,                                                             especially in our anniversary year.  There are only 700 organisations in the country with Gold.                                                                    That’s just 3% in the whole of the UK – and we’ve won it twice!

According to John Telfer, the MD of the awarding body IBP, companies who reach                                                                                         the IiP Gold Standard also achieve “higher levels of trust, co-operation and commitment                                                                          than their competitors. LEVELheaded should be extremely proud of their achievement”.

And we are.  Mostly because winning for the second time really acknowledges our ability                                                                               to deliver consistently high standards over many years.  But also because it recognises                                                                              our philosophy, held from long before IiP, that investing in our team is simply the right thing to do.

So, more cake please and onwards to 2016.  We’ll be approaching 25 and going for Gold for the third time.


Yes indeed, what a year!  No wonder we are recruiting.


After 21 years we are absolutely delighted that we are still inspiring learning and development so please get                                              in touch if we can be of help, +44 (0)20 7538 9387 or enquiries@levelheaded.org